Monday, 4 March 2013

Lichtenstein's 'pregnant moment'

I think the best way to celebrate your birthday is to spend it doing something special and give yourself a bank holiday from work. That's what I did with my Husband the other week to celebrate my birthday.

We headed into London for the opening day of the Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at the Tate Modern. I have always loved his style and his satire on the art and advertising world.

In the little booklet that we were given to explain each room, I came across an interest section that clicked with me - Yes, I thought, short stories MUST do that too. I am going to make sure I remember this when writing short stories and flash fiction:

"Such choices reveal Lichtenstein's interest in the 'pregnant moment' - the crux from which one can imagine the whole story."

We went away for a few days and we stayed in a tower! While there, I finished writing the first draft of chapter three of my novel. Exciting! Now it's chapter four's turn to be written. After that, I'm not sure what's going to happen....

Pay day this week = pay day treat. My treat is a ticket for the Get Writing 2013 at the University of Hertfordshire in April. There will be talks on writing, with editors and agents. I have been promising to go for a few years but in the past it has normally fallen on my birthday or the weekend that we plan to do something for my birthday but this year date has been moved. It should be a great day out!

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Mike French said...

Sounds like you had a great time :-) And we must meet up at Get Writing!