Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Story Published: Why Don't You Ring?

I have had a new story published, well last week, but things have been busy on the blog so I thought I would schedule the post for a less busy week...

My short story, Why Don't You Ring? has been published by Theurgy Magazine.

After reading Raymond Carver's short story, Why Don't You Dance?, I was inspired to write my own story, exploring the reasons why the guy was putting his possessions out on his lawn. I also added an end-of-the-world edge to the story...

Here's the beginning paragraph to tempt you into reading more:

“I might kill myself if I have to listen to that bloody engaged tone one more time,” Norman said as he slammed the phone receiver back into the cradle. His fingers were sore from spinning the rotary dial all morning. The beige-coloured phone tormented him.

You can either read Why Don't You Ring? online here or you can buy a copy of the magazine here.

Theurgy Magazine are also looking for submissions for their next issue. They are interested in science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, the strange and the weird.

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