Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's Novel Shaped

I am writing.
It's novel shaped.
There are five thousand words.
I am in the honeymoon period of novel writing - I truly love my idea.

Before, when stuck with the novel-that-we-must-not-talk-about, I thought I would not be able to find another novel-length idea. The thing with novels is that they don't need one giant idea. Novels need several ideas.

I want to write everyday but it doesn't work out that way, much. There are other things to do - full time job, chores, book reviews, this and that.

But every time I sit down I make a promise to try and write AT LEAST 250 words. It works. I have written over that minimum each time since the new year.

This novel is coming out in baby steps.

It's good to be writing. I have missed it.

I want to bottle up this feeling and open it up when/if the writing drought happens.


C Snook said...

Good luck! I love that stage too. It's the evil 30k doldrums that I hate and they get me every time. Keep writing!

Jaguarsport said...

It's a great idea, you can do it! :)