Thursday, 3 January 2013

Book Review: Born Weird

Born Weird
by Andrew Kaufman
Published by The Friday Project
ISBN - 9780007441402

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Andrew Kaufman, author of All My Friends Are Superheroes, The Tiny Wife and The Waterproof Bible is back with his latest offbeat novel, Born Weird. Technically this review should only be three words long. Those three words are 'I Loved It.' But I have a feeling that you may want to know more about this wonderful book.

Born Weird is a wonderful modern fairytale about the dysfunctional world of the Weird family. At the birth of each of her five grandchildren, Annie Weird, gives them a special power that she thinks will be a blessing. But as the grandchildren grew older the blessings have become curses that have ruined the way they react to relationships and emotions. The Weird siblings have called these powers 'blursings.'

"The room had the feel of a shipwreck, one that had sunk quickly, without warning."

Richard, will always keep safe, Abba will always have hope, Kent will beat anyone in a fight and Angie will always forgive. Lucy, a librarian who likes to sleep with book borrowers between the book racks has the power to never get lost. Lucy reminded me of the Librarian in Aimee Bender's short story, Quiet Please. If you are a fan of the way that Aimee Bender uses magic realism in a seemingly ordinary story then you will definitely like Born Weird.

On her deathbed, Annie sends Angie out on a mission to bring her brothers and sisters together so she can lift the 'blursings' before she dies. Their journey takes them across Canada to find each other and then collectively, the Weird siblings must search for the meaning in their lives and untangle the mystery behind their father's disappearance.

"She waited for an epiphany but all she felt were her hands getting colder." 

I really enjoyed the dialogue between the characters is sharp and very realistic of the things siblings say to each other. I like the way Kaufman takes the ordinary and makes the reader look at it in an extraordinary way.

"It was the exclamation marks that did it. This was the first time in her life that Angie was prompted to regurgitate by punctuation." 

Born Weird is an brilliant novel that is both hilarious and also touching when there are tragic moments. Andrew Kaufman is a mixture of two of my favourite writers, Aimee Bender and Douglas Coupland and I am already eager for the next book.

If you are looking for a heart warming book to get you through the cold, long nights of the winter then Born Weird would make the ideal prescription.

You can purchase Born Weird in ebook or hardback version from you preferred book retailer. 

The paperback version of The Tiny Wife is also out this week. You can read my review here.

*** Pop by tomorrow as Andrew will be here answering the Imaginary Bookshop questions. ***

The Publisher kindly sent me a copy. Thank you!

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