Sunday, 28 October 2012

Book Review: The Understanding of Women

Don't you just hate it when you are reading a great book on your lunch break and you're only twenty pages left until the end but it's time to head back to the mountain of emails?

It's even worse when you then leave the book at work because your newly repaired watch is slow and it's time to leave before you get locked in for the night.

That happened to me on Wednesday.

I needed a stop gap.

So I decided to pick something from my Kindle.

The book I picked was The Understanding of Women by Janina Matthewson.

I had downloaded it the other week because it had a great front cover (do we still call it front cover even though it's an ebook?).

I read it all in one sitting. It was fabulous. Possible my book of the year.

The Understanding of Women is an quirky story about James, who wakes up on the floor of a private library. All he knows is that he is still in love with this ex-girlfriend, Imogen. But he doesn't know where she is. With the help of an imaginary ex-girlfriend named Maybe-Meg, he sets off on a quest across London, trying to find Imogen.

Even though it's quite short, The Understanding of Women shakes you in questioning reality, as well as tackling lost love and regret. This novella is thought provoking and stays with you for days. I know I will definitely be re-reading this sooner rather than later.

I also loved the fantastic line drawings between the chapters.

Matthewson's confident voice held me captive and didn't let me go until the ending. Fans of Andrew Kaufman and the recent film Ruby Sparks will love The Understanding of Women.

And it's less than one pound to buy. So you have no excuses! Go and buy it. 

You can follow Janina on Twitter. Her website is over here.

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Sophie Playle said...

Ooh, I will check it out. And love the new blog banner!