Friday, 8 June 2012

Not Writing But It's Not The End Of The World

I have not been writing* but it’s not the end of the world. I know there are a lot of writing books that say that you need to write everyday or you are not a writing. I don't really believe that idea. Writing may not mean 'writing.' It could be thinking about an idea while peeling potatoes or editing or reading.

Instead of writing, I have been:

I recently finished watching Fringe seasons one and two. The first half of season one does feel like X-Files but then it does develop into its own. I’m really looking forward to season three.

I also finished the Hunger Games trilogy – My favourite book was book one. I enjoyed book two and found book three was jam-packed with characters in the beginning and less structured. I did find it hard with book two and three because in my head I had changed the ending of book one. (Watch out spoilers in the next few sentences). My version of the ending had Katniss killing Peeta in the Hunger Games and therefore turns the book into a happy feminist book.

Last weekend, the Mister and I went to Cambridge and ordered our wedding rings! Very exciting and very scary that it is only a few months away and there are still lots to do! Getting married is the ultimate organising-project and I am loving it. We had a lovely dinner at Browns to celebrate the Mister’s promotion and also my new job (still at the same company but I’m moving into a different department). I now have a new favourite cocktail – the Cham Cham – very refreshing!
I have finally written down a very basic premise for my next novel. I also have a name for one of the characters. Calling her ‘Blank’ was starting to get confusing.

* Well I have been editing a short story inspired by Robert Carver’s Why Don’t You Dance? And spending some time thinking and writing some more ideas for my short story collection.

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