Sunday, 6 May 2012

Teaching Creative Writing, Reading and Pre-Order

Sorry Blog, I haven't forgotten about you. I have been busy.

Last week, I attended a Teaching Creative Writing course at my old university. I know that setting a workshop in a pub, during a football match isn't the greatest of ideas. I also know about warm-up activities and lesson plans.

So why did I take the course? One day I hope to be a teacher (hopefully teaching creative writing). I didn't fancy training to be a teacher after university because I wanted to go out there and experience having a job outside the academic world. (I have always found teachers who have had previous careers to be the most interesting and inspiring).

We also did some writing activities that we could possibly teach to a group. I now have ideas for a few short stories. 
Kings Cross
Overall, I found the course inspiring and motivational. I now know that I really do want to teach creative writing.

I got to see the new Kings Cross concourse as I travelled to and from university every day. It's very swish! There is only one plus side when it comes to long train journeys - reading - I read two great books. I will be reviewing Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma soon and Two Cows And A Vanful of Smoke soon over at The View from Here Magazine.

I am also starting to think 'properly' about writing my next novel. I have an idea, several characters and locations. I just need to start writing them down instead of hoping my head will store them for me.

I also have a non-fiction idea fighting for attention too.

London Book Fair
And the week before, I went to London Book Fair for my day job. I can away a canvas book or two plus blisters. There are lots of fabulous books coming out over the next year.

Jawbreakers is now available to pre-order. The anthology will be released in time for National Flash Fiction Day. I'm looking forward to seeing my story in print and to reading the rest of the anthology.

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