Saturday, 12 May 2012


My copies (one for me, one for my parents) of Jawbreakers have arrived!


I have already mentioned it but I'm going to mention it again. I have a flash fiction piece called Blackhole within Jawbreakers. Here is the first paragraph, which I hope will tempt you to buy the anthology.

"The view from my house isn't postcard perfect. There are shadows, always. I used to manage my land-locked hotel, and keep chickens as a hobby. Now, my house sits on the edge of a crumbling cliff and stares out to a micro blackhole. i am out of sync."

And look! It has a real life ISBN too - 9781849142854

You can order directly from The National Flash Fiction website.

Thank you to Calum Kerr and Valerie O'Riordan for creating such a beautiful anthology.

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Mike French said...

Excellent how exciting :-)