Tuesday, 17 April 2012

National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

Today I found out that Blackhole, my little story (official term is flash fiction) will be included the first anthology for National Flash Fiction Day. The book will be launched on the 16th May along with events happening up and down the country (and worldwide).

My story will appear alongside household names and authors whose blogs I adore.

Initially I wasn't going to enter a piece of flash fiction because I was trying to give my novel another spit and polish, there were wedding preparations needing my attention and I had my writing eyes on a different short story.

Then I heard Ali Smith had contributed a story. I love Hotel World. I could miss the opportunity. I had an idea, scribbled on a post-it, meant for a later date. I pushed aside the novel editing and wrote the story, redrafted the story, edited and sent. Not many stories are written all in one session but I knew where this story was heading.

Congratulations to the other writers too. I'm looking forward to reading every story.

Here's the full list of contributors.


philippa_moore said...

What brilliant news! Congratulations! xx

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Will be rather nice to be in there with so many peeps I 'know' from the ether. Congrats!

Jessica said...

Hi Philippa and Vanessa - thank for you the congrats :)

Jaguarsport said...

I really like this little piece, glad it's going in print :)