Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dead Ink - Published Work - Cubicle Crimes / CVs are so last year

Dead Ink have republished two of my stories, Cubicle Crimes and CVs are so last year, over on their website. I think they work well as a pair - both looking at the passive aggressiveness of office life.

Here's the opening paragraph for Cubicle Crimes:
Armed with a freshly ironed pencil skirt, neutral make-up shades, non-offensive stud earrings and a briefcase with only jam sandwiches inside, I was a bundle of clich├ęs. I strolled across town muttering quotes from the employee handbook. My head was clogged with regulations for open plan office spaces. I would have scooped the top prize if there were a game show on policies and procedures.
And here's the open paragraph for CVs are so last year:
Eyebrows are concrete, not hidden behind metaphors like eyes and lips. They are the truth.

You can read both stories via this link > Cubicle Crimes and CVs are so last year

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