Tuesday, 21 February 2012

3 Hundred and 65

Dave Kirkwood is currently running a project called 3 hundred and 65. Everyday a new contributor writes a tweet-length chapter (140 characters) for a story that will grow and expand over the year. Each contribution is illustrated.

3 hundred and 65 is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust through donations and an auction of the illustrations and notebooks. (I'll be donating on pay day). You can make a monetary donation via the 3 hundred and 65 website. There are even a few dates left if you want to contribute to the story.

Back in January, I picked the 20th February (my birthday). If you click through then you can read my contribution to 3 hundred and 65 and see the fabulous drawing. Here's the link > 20th February.

I'm really looking forward to see how the story develops.


The folks @ Keepers Cottage said...

Thank you. I wonder if you would kindly expand on your tweet a little bit, just if you have the time. Early next year Dom Conlon @Headfirst_Dom and I are creating a full graphic novel from the 366 tweets, I loved your tweet and was a little saddened that it wasn't developed. I want to know more about Cope's back story and that seemed a perfect way of getting something. Just if you have a spare half hour. If not thank you for a terrific tweet it was perfectly placed and 100 per cent sympathetic to the developing storyline, I loved working it up in to a drawing.

Jessica said...

Hi - I would have loved to have had more characters to expand my story - My idea was to have Cope realising that memories are being created / taken away without his will - e.g. a fake wife.

The new memories have been formed (old memories have left holes) and he goes back to his 'new home.'

He likes his new life and would have to consider the question of 'do I give up my new life to head back to my old one?'

We would realise that he is actually trapped in his own mind - in a fantasy he has had since childhood - does he really want to escape?

Well, that's how I thought about the backstory. I hope it makes sense :)