Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Marriage Scrappage Scheme

My short story, The Marriage Scrappage Scheme, is up at Untoward Magazine under the featured fiction section. Thank you, Matt and everyone at Untoward.

Here's the first paragraph to tempt you:

Brenda was darning her husband’s socks when the radio presenter interrupted a gardening segment to bring an announcement from the Iron Lady’s Government.

The government will be launching the Marriage Scrappage Scheme tomorrow,” the presenter said.

She slid from her stool and headed to the living room door. Jack, her husband, was slouched on the sofa, with the television on mute. She closed the door, shuffled back to her stool and turned up the volume.

The Government are offering the chance for women to trade in old, tired husbands for new ones.”

The Marriage Scrappage Scheme can read by clicking Here.

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