Friday, 13 January 2012


Author Caroline Smailes is putting together an ebook anthology to raise money for 'one in Four,' a charity which provides support to people who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence. Caroline set the challenge last week for writers to send 100 word stories based on a song that could be accessed from YouTube. Over 350 people sent through stories and out of that 100 were picked for the project.

A short piece by me will be appearing in the ebook!

I decided two days before the deadline that I wanted to write something. At first, I tried to ignore the 'go on, enter' voice because I had not written anything 'new' for a while. But I caved in, listened to my favourite songs and started writing down ideas and phrases. My original story started off at 500 words and gradually I edited and redrafted until I was left with a 97 word story. 

My short piece is based on a White Lies song - Farewell to the Fairground.

All of the proceedings will go to One in Four.

More details will follow on where you can donate and/or buy a copy.

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peterdomican said...

Great song - reminds me of Teardrop Explodes for some reason. I look forward to being in the book with you.