Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Book Review: Somewhere Else, Or Even Here

Between Christmas and the New Year, I won a copy of A. J. Ashworth's debut short story collection. Here is my short review. 

Somewhere Else, Or Even Here
By A. J. Ashworth
Published by Salt
ISBN - 9781844718801

In A. J. Ashworth's brilliant, prize-winning short story collection, Somewhere Else, Or Even Here, there are stories about a couple facing up to life after the death of their child, couples facing life after infidelity, a girl on a beach lured away by a strange boy. Every story looks at the turning points of each character. Ashworth captures the loneliness, desire and hope of their shifting lives. These stories are witty and dark, tender and terrifying.

Some short story collections are hard to read from cover-to-cover because they are pimpled with 'fillers' but Somewhere Else, Or Even Here is a collection where each story sparkles. I read the collection from cover to cover and I'll be going back, dipping in and out, re-reading them again and again.

The images linger once the story is over and the book is back on the bookshelf.

Favourite stories: Sometimes Gulls Kill Other Gulls, Paper Lanterns, Zero Gravity, Tattoo, Offerings.

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