Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Review: The Tiny Wife

There are some books that you want to save for a special occasion and The Tiny Wife is one of them. Knowing this was on my Kindle kept me going through the long tunnel of a very long, frustrating book.

The Tiny Wife is an enchanting short novel from Andrew Kaufman, author of My Friends Are Superheroes. The book opens with a robbery but the robber isn't after money. Instead he makes the customers and the bank workers each hand over one object of sentimental value. The narrator's wife hands over a calculator that she has used to calculate house costs and if she could afford to have a child. Another hands over their house keys. The robber has taken bits of their souls and tells them to regrow or they will die.

The robbery frames the series of capivating stories as the reader learns what happens to the victims. One of the women turns to sugar and is eaten by her family as a way to pacify them. Another has their lion tattoo come alive and chase her through the streets, someone finds God under their sofa and then loses him. The narrator's wife, as well as having to deal with a shaky marriage, starts to shrink.

Kaufman's ideas and writing are very imaginative. The Tiny Wife is heartbreaking yet heartwarming. It's a book about hope and finding that there are always ways to reignite your soul.

The silhouette illustrations through the book reminded me of the fairy tales illustrated by Jan Pienkowski that I used to read as a child. They capture the tone of the book perfectly.

The Tiny Wife is an enchanting fable and modern fairy tale. It is definitely one of my books of the year.

You can buy The Tiny Wife from any bookstore or online store.


chillcat said...

This sounds beautiful! I must have it.

Jessica said...

Thanks for dropping by, chillcat. I hope you enjoy the book too :)