Thursday, 6 October 2011

Review: 21st Century Dodos

Steve Stack's new book 21st Century Dodos, published by The Friday Project (an imprint from Harpercollins) is an affectionate farewell to the many inanimate objects like your beloved VHS player and collection, cultural icons like your local lighthouse keeper and other general bits and bobs like minidisc players (I literally saved up my pocket money for months to buy one only to be told by the guy in the local record shop that no produced albums on minidisc) and Smash Hits Magazine. Most items are on the verge of extinction and many have vanished already. For the first time we have an endangered list and it is up to us to save these objects in our lofts and basements.

21st Century Dodos will make a great present for anyone who says 'in my day' and/or like to sit on the toilet, reading. The short chapters make it ideal for toilet reading. I didn't actually experiment with reading the book on the toilet because I didn't want to have a ring around my bum as the book pulls you into a nostalgic frenzy.

21st Century Dodos is funny and I guarantee you will be reading out extracts to your partner, the person sitting next to you on the bus or your pet snail. I don't remember the days when you have to use tapes to load games on computers but my boyfriend did and he loved that section of the book!

I found this book really inspiring too - I am currently writing a series of stories called 'The Department of Extinct Objects' and I now have a few more ideas. One will be published at Referential Magazine in the near future. Thank you to Scott Pack (the real Steve Stack) for sending me a copy, ready for his visit later on in the month. You can buy 21st Century Dodos from Amazon and other good book outlets.

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