Sunday, 16 October 2011

Guest Post: Scott Pack: How Not To Be A 21st Century Writing Dodo

Scott Pack aka Mr Harpercollins / Friday Project aka Steve Stack aka the Author of 21st Century Dodos has kindly agreed to pop over to Writer's Little Helper and talk about the Internet being an important tool for writers. You don't want to become a 21st century Dodo!

I am on a blog tour.
If you don’t know what that is, allow me to explain. Pretty much every day in October I am appearing on someone else’s blog to promote my new book, 21st Century Dodos. I have posted a video of my son unicycling while reading an extract, chosen three literary dodos, shared a picture of my copyright page (of which I am justly proud) as well as answering questions, sharing extracts and other delights. The idea is that by spreading myself across the Internet I am also spreading the word about my book.
Beats spam mail, that’s for sure.
And the Internet is an important tool for writers today. OK, so my blog tour isn’t going to sell millions of books but it will get the word out to a whole bunch of people who may not otherwise come across it. Especially those readers in Israel, USA, Ireland and New Zealand, places I am unlikely to visit in person for signing events.
I think it is vital today for writers to have an online presence of some kind, ideally a few kinds. I run an imprint of HarperCollins and most of my most successful authors are very active through blogs, Twitter and Facebook. They are able to interact with their readers, get to know them (if they want), support each other (very important, that one) and keep themselves in the public eye in the gaps between books.
Now, I realise such activity isn’t for everyone but find me an author who has no online profile and I will show you either a) an author who was already big before the Internet exploded or b) doesn’t sell all that many books.
And with many authors now turning to self-publishing, especially digitally, there is even more reason to be online every day. It is where your future readers are, it makes sense to spend time there.
But not until you have bought a copy of my new book, of course!


You can buy a copy of 21st Century Dodos from Amazon and other online/offline retailers.

My review of 21st Century Dodos is here.


Scott Pack said...

Thanks for allowing me on the blog, Jessica, I am much obliged!

Tahlia Newland said...

Hi Scott, I've clicked over to find out more about your book, so it works. It's a hit and miss thing though, you never know if people are actually going to end up buying or not. I have a decent online presence and I do a lot of promotion for other writers in the ya fantasy genre & have just put out a short story - a cheap into to me as a writer, as a taster for an anthology coming out in a week or so, but (excuse the long sentence) it's not translating into sales. Not that I expected a lot for a short story, buut at 99c it's hardly a big committment in either time or money. I haven't appeared on many blogs with it though because it is a short, I'm saving that for the longer work. Then we shall see if all those hours I've spent on the net will pay off.

Of course without it, I wouldn't have sold any.