Thursday, 15 September 2011

Time To Get Back To The Writing

Having a sprained rib cage hasn't been fun. I'm now an expert in daytime property programmes, could put an estimate on your antiques and can tell you about the right ways of keeping chickens. You never know there could be short story in all of this!

To be honest, I haven't written anything new for a while. My notebook is starting to fill up with ideas. I really want to create an ebook full of previously published short stories (by me, obviously) so they can be all in one place. I want the ebook to free because all of the stories have been published before and I don't want to rip off people! I have read a lot of articles on the Internet about creating ebooks so it will be fun putting the knowledge into practice! I have already started editing the stories and polishing them to within an inch of their lives. It's funny when they were originally published I considered them 'finished.' Now I am finding phrases that I don't like or titles that need changing. Is a piece of writing ever finished?

I have another idea for a series of link short stories, which could end up as a short story collection. Hold on, don't we call linked short stories 'novels' nowadays! This one is definitely a short story collection.

I have several short stories out on submission at the moment. Fingers crossed. There is also a competition I have quite tempted to enter too!

So, time to get back to the writing.

(Image found on a google search for typewriters).

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