Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Review - The Radleys

I have never read a vampire book. Hold on, I might have back when I binged on Goosebumps and Point Horror but to be honest, I can't remember most of those plots. That period was one huge book blur.

Anyway, I read 'The Radleys' by Matt Haig the other week and really enjoyed it. The Radley family live in a detached house in the suburbs, have respectable jobs, have two children - one girl, one boy, have the people carrier parked on the drive way. From the outside, they are the perfect middle class family. But the parents have a secret. A big secret. They are vampires. Their teenage children find out and it all starts to fall apart.

The short chapters are great and make it very hard to put down the book. I kept promising to read just one more chapter and then another one and then another one. Extracts from the 'abstainers handbook' are funny too.

Think American Beauty but with vampires and a mixture of British middle-class repression.

You can buy the book by clicking on the below link.

The Radleys

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