Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I Went To Pick Up A Prescription And Came Out With A Kindle

Last week I went to the supermarket to pick up my prescription and came out with a Kindle. Unfortunately, Kindles are not available on the NHS.

I feel very 21st Century at the moment.

My books on my bookshelves aren't scared or worried - I'm still going to buy them some new friends every now and then. I still want all my favourite authors in physical form.

My Kindle is great - I have downloaded free eBooks, home brew eBooks and also paid for some books too. Knowing about the 'Page Break' function in your Word processing programme is essential. One of the downloaded eBooks looked a bit messy because the author had obviously used the 'Return' button to create new pages but it didn't translate over to the Kindle - they just produced big gaps on the screen.

Even going outside can't ruin my reading enjoyment as the screen isn't like a laptop or iPad.

I'm not sure if this ideal or even a curse (especially for a book-nerd like me) but it takes less than 60 seconds to download a book from the Kindle store to the device.

I strongly recommend the wifi and 3g version. I know it means saving a few more pennies but it is worth it. The 3g is a one off payment and is available worldwide. Having the 3g, for me, is essential as I'm still surviving on internet via a dongle. Also, when we go on holiday I won't have to take a whole suitcase devoted to books.

They also have an 'experimental' feature which allows you to browse the internet - it does struggle if there are a lot of images - so if you know the mobile address alternative then I would recommend using that as a way to access any sites.

I'm finding my reading speed is quicker and I'm munching my way through books at a rapid speed (maybe this is due to the fact that I'm in bed reading all day because I can't stand to watch another property programme).

You can also have newspapers and blogs sent directly to the Kindle too - a feature I would definitely use when on holiday (I need to go on holiday to use these features!).

I am going to be looking into publishing with Kindle over the next few weeks/months and also having my blog available on the Kindle too. - Will report back.

Anyway I should stop before I start sounding like an advert.


James Hughes said...

There is some software called Calibre, which allows you to convert any document for use on the Kindle with a simple drag and drop.


Fantastic for checking your own work-in-progress, and you can also eliminate any unwanted space in other novels in the settings menu, if you have them available as separate ebooks on your computer.

Jessica said...

Thanks James - I am downloading Calibre - It looks like an iTunes for eBooks :)

The Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy said...

I'm curious but feeling alienated. I am still ordering books on Amazon and making bookmarks. How old-fashioned does that make me? And how do you recharge a Kindle on a Corsican camping trip??

Jessica said...

I'm still reading books too - don't give up on them!! I love making bookmarks too - I don't want bookmarks to become extinct.