Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fat Girl

Jessie Carty's enjoyable poetry collection, Fat Girl (published by Sibling Rivalry Press) exposes the insecurities we have with our bodies and how we are perceived by others. Carty looks at the question - what is reality when it comes to body image. Fat Girl is accessible and thought provoking. She challenges the reader, with her well-written and honest poems to reflect on their own body image.

Carty's poems are honest, truthful and themes I can relate to in my own life. I was once a fat girl too and I remember being called 'Thunder Thighs' and the embarrassment of swimming. At times I found myself nodding with agreement.

Carty can write entertaining poetry, which can be seen in Fat Girl: The Superhero, and most of them could even be enlarged to flash fiction and short stories because I want to know more about Fat Girl: The Superhero.

Carty looks at the struggles that we all have with feeling uncomfortable in our own skins and does this by creating humorous poems with serious undertones. This is demonstrated in Fat Girl at the OB/GYN - 'Mom told the doctor I needed the pill./ She was sure my love/ of twinkies would translate / to my fat thighs opening at any touch.'

My personal favourite poems from the collection: 1990s Fat Girl, Fat Girl at the OB/GYN, Fat Girl: The Superhero, Fat Girl on Fashion, I'm Trying Weight Watchers, Ill-Fitting. 

You can find Fat Girl over at Amazon or you can find Fat Girl over at the Sibling Rivalry Press website.
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Jessie Carty said...

Thanks for reviewing my chunky little chapbook :) I'm glad she resonated with you!