Monday, 25 July 2011

A Shower of Writing Links

Lets not talk about the fact that I went back to the doctors and have another round of antibiotics. It's worse than a broken MP3 file. All I will tell you is that it feels like someone is repeatedly punching my ribs. And it is highly likely that I will turn into an antibiotic.

There have been lots of great articles appearing on the internet recently:

Blake Butler over at HTML Giant tells us about the '22 things I learned from submitting writing'.

Kirsty Logan shows us the ideal covering letter. Cover letters.

Michael Amos provides writers with a helpful PDF on organising your novel on Microsoft Word. A novel approach to Word.

John Harding gives a few pointers to help get that publishing deal. A few tips to help you get published.

The New Yorker looks at the Art of Writing. Words, Words, Words.

Elizabeth S. Craig talks about the '8 things you need to know about living with a writer.'

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Vanessa Gebbie said...

Great links - very useful. I particularly liked "Words, words..." from The New Yorker. Ta!