Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Days Out For Writers - Out Of This World Exhibition

Last Sunday, on a drizzly morning the Mister and I drove off to Cockfosters (parked the car for £1 all day!) and got the tin can to Kings Cross and then a quick walk to the British Library, trying to dodge puddles and people dragging suitcases on wheels.

The Out of This World Exhibition at the British Library is a showcase of science fiction through the ages. The atmosphereic room (along with sci-fi sound effects) is split into catergories, helping to link together books with a simliar theme. Future worlds, alien worlds, parallel worlds, virtual worlds, the end of the world, perfect world led us through a visual reading list of books right back from 2AD, right up to the present.
One book was even about getting to the moon by Swan. Brilliant. Even the Brontes tried their hand at writing science fiction. Something I didn't know until I went to the exhibition. And their writing - blooming heck - so so so so tiny. I remember being told off at school when my writing took a shrinking pill but their writing is very 'Honey, I shrunk my notebook'.

Even some of the ideas expressed by writers back in the 19th Century and early 20th have come true - going to the moon, the internet, communications, etc. As yet, no time travel machine. Even the tardis was there but it seemed the doctor wasn't - maybe be he was trapped in one of the reading rooms.

It was great to see some of my favourites on display - Margaret Atwood, Philip K Dick, George Orwell, Huxley, Time Traveller's Wife.

I found the exhibition very inspiring. I now want to read 'The Female Man' and 'Zoo city.' Even the mister felt inspired to read more fiction. It was fasinating to see how literature from the past has influenced our modern world about science fiction - whether in books, art and film.

The exhibition is on until September.

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