Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Time Management for Time-squeezed Writers

Stephanella Walsh from The Creative Identity sends out a newsletter each month, The Creative Times. I don't normally do newsletter - I like to browse the website. Also I need room in my inbox for emails from my bestie mates - Sainsburys, Tesco and Amazon who email me every day. Sometimes several times a day! See, I told you they were my best friends forever.

But Stephanella's newsletter is great - there are always links to her past articles from the website, links to writing comps and links to great writing/creativity websites. This month there is a link to Word Saucery about time management for writers. Click this sentence to read the article. This article is really interesting and is worth some of your precious internet time to have a read.

Some of my favourite points included:

  • Writing a little every day - build 'writing hunger'
  • Write in your head - 'incubate ideas'
  • 'Be kind to yourself - without letting yourself off the hook.' 
  • Writing down ideas even you don't know what to do with them - they could help later when you're stuck for ideas. 
  • 'Let go of perfect'.


Sophie Nicholls said...

Jessica, Thnak you so much for mentioning my post at Word Saucery. I really appreciate it. I love your blog. What a fab header! Warmest wishes, Sophie

Steph said...

Jessica, thanks so much for mentioning TCT! I'm preparing issue 11 and I must admit that it is the job I most enjoy doing, out of all TCI-related activities. However, it is extraordinarily time-consuming! The emails of appreciation I get every month, the RTs and the mentions such as yours make it worth it!