Friday, 27 May 2011

Help Wanted: A Superhero Is Needed

I know that someone can help because I have watched great documentaries such as Heros, and X-Men and I have read great non-fiction like All My Friends are Superheroes. So I know super heroes exist.

If you know one then please let me know. I am looking for someone to push the 31st May 2011 back for at least two weeks. It really is important. I want to enter a writing competition but this story is being awkward. First the short story wanted to be a flash fiction piece. Then it wanted to be a nine page story. Now its in limbo. I don't have much time. One minor character is wanting a bigger role and another character wants to wear tin-foil hats. Don't even get me started on the cat who is actually wearing a tin-foil hat. I really need to lasso this story and train him. Even the ironing seems more appealing at the moment.

So let me know if you have contact details for this sort of superhero.


Alienist said...

I know one, but he says his powers are tied to the predestination paradox, so he is ultimately useless. I can say this and be safe knowing he hasn't killed me... Yet!

Lisa said...

Argh, too late! I hope you got your story sorted in time!

Jessica said...

HI Lisa, I didn't submit the story in the end - I'm still not happy with it!