Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Newspaper Clippings

A while back (actually quite a while back) I went through a phase of cutting out interesting newspaper headlines/clippings that either inspired me, sounded intriguing or insightful. Most of them were writing focused. I remember having them up on my wall at University. A few helped with story ideas.
I came across them at the weekend while I was unpacking and came across these two.

I like the quote 'The novel did not grow organically. It was force-fed and boosted with steroids.' Editing sometimes feels it like you're giving your novel a steroid boost just to get it to the next level and maybe finally reach that stage where you can say, yes, it's finished. Injecting new descriptions, an extra dose of dialogue, a smaller dose of 'tell the reader everything at the beginning' pill. But you wouldn't want a first draft to be pumped with drugs though - you want it be natural, raw and flow because it will be the foundation.

Sorry about the poor quality photographs - I only have my Blackberry camera to hand.

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