Monday, 21 March 2011

At Least The Books Are Unpacked

I have been moving hosue and unpacking for the past week. If the Mister didn't have so many car parts and I didn't have so many books then we would have a ship-shape house. At the moment the car parts are balanced in the spare room, my desk is still in its box and the microwave has disappeared. But we're getting there.

I nearly had a breakdown over a flat pack bedside table and swore at every screw for the bookcase. We have three now - yipee. One was already built, another one took me thirty minutes to build and the last one took me over two hours. I have the blisters to prove it. Anyway, I won and now the books are in their new home.

I have found the time in between ironing curtains and break our new hoover to send out a flash fiction piece to an online magazine and also enter a short story in a competition. The redrafting of chapter three is also in progress - slowly but I will get there.

I'm currently reading Toast by Nigel Slater. I have had the book for years but the television adaptation that was on over the Christmas holidays finally inspired me to pluck the book off the shelf. Bilmey, what great descriptions about food - makes me hungry. I can also see why fans of the book were annoyed with the adaptation - the film has left out a lot of detail.

I haven't quite finished the book yet but it has inspired me to finally sit down and write a fodo article I have had in my head for months. Just need to find some time.

Also, don't you think these look good  (click here) - mini books that fit in the pocket. A bit like Polly Pocket but for booklovers.

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