Thursday, 17 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Lovely Suz over at Bang Out the Prose has given me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you Suz!

I really do appreciate the award. It's nice to know other people are reading my blog. I always see these on other blogs and I like them because it means there are new blogs to explore. However, sometimes I don't like it when a blogger gets the award and then says 'anyone who reads this, please take the award.' I think it's nice to take out the time to point people in the direction of new, interesting blogs.

Right, to fully accept the award I need to give 7 random facts and also nominate ten blogs. I also need to thank the person who nominated me (done). Then I need to tell everybody about their nomination.

It's really hard to pick ten blogs. I wanted to have a long list of blogs but I am finding that many have either gone private, deleted or just disappeared. I have heard of bloggers giving up as it's no longer fashionable and then headed to Twitter. (I do both). Anyway, here are my ten nominated blogs but also check out the ones in my blog list (on the side bar).

Seven random facts
1.) I have a blue dressing-gown with an owl on the front. It's called the 'Owl-igan' (rhymes with cardigan).
2.) I will be 26 on Sunday.
3.) I like reading speculative fiction but I sometimes find hard-core science fiction too much.
4.) I am a picky eater - I don't eat pizza - all though the other half has gotten me into curries.
5.) I don't have drinks that contain caffeine.
6.) I am scared about writing down my idea for the second novel just in case it's a rubbish idea.
7.) I have no writing desk at the moment so sitting upright, in bed, is my new desk.

My ten nominations:
Fragments and snapshots
Sophie Playe
Jessie Carty
Noticing things to wonder about
Pains, trains and inkstains
Jenn Ashworth
This writer's life
Ray Morgan
Newtowritinggirl's blog
Matthew James Arts


Sophie Playle said...

Thanks, Jessica :)

(Coming from me, sitting upright in bed on my laptop!)

Jessie Carty said...

Thank you! And happy birthday early :) I'm so old I just turned 36!

newtowritinggirl said...

Wow thanks! Stylish Blogger, I like that. The best things about awards like this are finding new blogs to read - and discovering things about people.
Happy birthday for the weekend :-)

Ray Morgan said...

Thank you so much Jessica! We've come a long way since Louise Tondeur's Developing the Novel classes - I really appreciate this mention and really it's down to you as I've asked you for so much advice about blogs since I set mine up. The majority of my hits may come from those looking for a porn star but still, I like to think it gives someone somewhere some (less questionable) enjoyment!

Ray x

Teresa Stenson said...

Thank you, Jessica - I've rebelled slightly with the '7 things about me' part of the deal, but have linked to 7 blogs I think are worth some love.

Cheers :)