Friday, 11 February 2011

Moving House

We could be closer to actually moving into our house. That means become a home owner is getting closer. No more landlords to please. Yipee.

At the moment we're staying at a relation's house twenty miles away from our normal location. It means we're closer to work but we are not close to our 'stuff.' We have boxes and bin-liners full of bits and bobs in three locations. I believe there were a lot of book boxes. *Cough* I didn't realise I owned that many!

One thing we have ready for our house are the bookcases. At our first little house with its single glazed windows and no room for drying washing and it being north facing, it became damp very quickly. The bookcases were ruined, a wall was covered in 'black stuff' and some of our books had damp stains too. When we moved we couldn't afford new book shelves so I cleaned them up to the best of my ability.

Now we have new bookcases after getting my wonderful boyfriend to drive to two seperate shops to get ones that match. I'm looking forward to unpacking my books (they have been packed since October) and being surprised by what I own.

I'm down to the last in a pile of books that I pulled out from the main herd, to read while 'squatting.' So I need to move really soon or I might have to visit a bookshop and that will mean another bookcase!


Suz said...

I know what you mean about moving house to discover you own LOTS of books! I recently moved into a flat with a luscious built in bookcase that spans one entire wall of my sittingroom. Okay so I don't own the place, but the bookcase makes up for that! Good luck in your new home. And by the way, I love your blog a lot, so I've given you an award for it over on mine :O)

Jessica said...

Thanks Suz - I'll do a blog post later :)