Friday, 25 February 2011

Calling the red pen back into action

For a while I have been stuck in the phase of 'I have worked on this for two years and I can't go on anymore,' with my novel. I sent it out to several agents, because that's what you do when you can't stay your novel anymore, isn't it? I got the beginning longlisted in a novel openings competition and then a string of rejections.

Today I was given some great advice. I have new-found motivation for the novel.

I am going to redraft the novel, put it back into edit mode and be savage with the edits and cautious with the 'telling.' I seemed to have given away too much information at the beginning. The theme for this draft is 'subtle.' I don't want to punch, punch, punch the reader with information. I want it to be light kisses. Let the reader put the pieces together. Less sermon, more showing.

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