Sunday, 9 January 2011

Directions For The New Year

I started to write a short story in between finishing my novel and Christmas. It was about a writer. I had fallen into a cliche. A writer writing about a writer. Big yawn fest. All five files (all bits of the story, nothing whole) are filed away in the retired file.

Open new file, start again.

No ideas, nothing.

I was having writer's doubts.

I blogged about writer's doubts and also rejection.

I was still stuck in a rut.

I have clawed my way back out. I think its the new year and the new determination.

I am now writing a story. I have read blogs and on those blogs, people have wrote about the character taking over the story and the writer having to 'deal with it.' I never really understood. I always thought it was the imagination taking over the keyboard and sticking its fingers up to the 'story plan' and not the character. But some how a character has a poodle perm and now the whole story is going to be set in the 1980s. Bloody characters.

Without getting all 'appraisal' - I have set myself some targets resolutions directions for the following year:

  • Write some short stories. (notice the word some - I'm not going to add number. Don't want to scare myself). 
  • Think about that idea I had for novel two - maybe start expanding and maybe write a few words for this project. 
  • Be proactive about that flash fiction / short story collection idea - write some. 
  • Dabble in non-fiction. No pressure. 


Jessie Carty said...

That's how i like to leave my directions: sketchy but present :) here's to it!

Jessica said...

Thanks Jessie :)

astrid said...

Yes it's hard to address NY issues when the last year's ones feel unresolved ie not enough publication, that awful waiting game. The best advice and directive I have read lately was from Adam Marek, who speaks from the podium of success! who on the Short Story website says to send out work mechanically, forgetting when you ever did, even having NO RECOLLECTION of a piece ever being constructed on your screen. He's right, I'm my own secretary from now on.

Jessica said...

Hi astrid - Thanks for visiting. That sounds like a good piece of advice :)