Sunday, 19 December 2010

Not Writing

I haven't been writing much. My excuses include:

  • Packing up the house - we were meant to be moving just after Christmas. Now it's going to be the end of January. 
  • Chest and sinus infection. 
  • Cross stitching Christmas gifts and cards. 
  • Wrapping presents. 
  • A disaster with making a cheesecake.
  • Thinking about making mince pies.
  • Working. 
  • Going to the cinema and seeing The American (okay-ish) and Monsters (brilliant). 
  •  Wrecking the side of the car with help from the garage wall. Apparently a big dent and being able to see the metal of the car isn't the best look. 

To help myself back into the writing routine, I have forced myself to sit down on the sofa (because I have sold my desk) and try to write at least two hundred words on an idea.

I have also done some reorganisation. From today there are three new folders on my computer's hard drive:

Published - self explanatory

In Progress - The ideas I am currently working on. Some files have pages of half stories, some have one or two sentences.

Retired - Repeatedly rejected stories. I will rework them sometime but at the moment they are resting in this folder.


JoniB said...

Sounds like you haven't had much "me" time - way too much stress and not enough time to let it go for an hour or two to let yourself rest. Give yourself a Christmas present of time!

JoniB said...

Sounds like you are not getting enough "me" time and the stress is knocking the wind out of you. Give yourself a Christmas gift - and hour or two to let it all go and REST.

Sophie Playle said...

"Thinking about making mince pies."

Worst writing excuse ever! ;)