Thursday, 30 December 2010

Looking Back Over the Year

So my new year resolutions for this year were to edit and redraft the novel ready to send out to agents, pass my driving test and write a short story every month. I did the editing and redrafting of my novel several times. I even pass my driving test too. I only managed to write two short stories over the year because all of my time was spent on the novel.

I didn't have as many short stories published this year. At first this did bother me. But then I sat back and remembered that it isn't about quantity plus I hadn't really written much in the way of the short stories this year. My priority was the novel. I was in the 'groove.' All my writing time was devoted to the novel. I am at the stage where I love and also hate it at the same time. I hate to look at it at the moment because of all the editing, redrafting and re-reading sentences over and over again but I also love the fact that I actually wrote a novel. It has been something I have wanted to achieve way before university.

One of my other goals was to get a piece into a paper magazine as the previous year most of my work appeared on the internet. I was able to get two pieces published in 'real life magazines.' Jasper's Betrayal was published in Inkspill Magazine and Sandbox was published in View From Here Magazine (online and also in their magazine).

I even had a piece published over at Metazen. Snowman was inspired by the snow from last winter.

I even dipped my toes into non fiction and wrote a short piece about notebooks over at Teresa's blog.

Currently I am writing a short story. Some of the feedback recently, from rejected stories, were having the start too long or not enough conflict. So I am taking it slowly with this one. Breaking it down into sections and actually planning the plot.

Also, I have an agent reading my novel at the moment. 

Right, now I need to think of writing goals for next year...


Sophie Playle said...

"I have an agent reading my novel at the moment. "

Fantastic news! Good luck :)

Also, I hear 'Inkspill Magazine' is a fantastic publication ;)

Jessica said...

Thanks Sophie :)