Monday, 6 December 2010

All My Friends are Superheros

Are you in a reading rut? You look at your bookselves and none of the books inspire you. I had that a few weeks ago. I tried reading an early novel by one of my favourite authors and found it awful. Then I remembered that there was a book I was desperate to read after reading some blog reviews. And you know what, this book deserves the hype...

I could have read the book in one sitting but because it was so good I made the book last for two days. I really think you should read it. The book is awesome. Even the title is great - All my Friends are Superheros by Andrew Kaufman. The book is a slightly surreal love story. It is about a guy, Tom, who is married to a superhero and also all of this friends are superheroes too. One of them has convinced Tom’s wife that he is invisible and he needs to convince her that he is still there.This petite book at only 110 pages is quirky without being obscure, sweet without being sickly, tender without being mushy. 

I'm now reading Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada. 

I am starting to write down some ideas for stories - I might be climbing out of the writing rut...

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Suz said...

This book sounds so strange, and yet... I think I'll have a go at reading it. Sounds intriguing :O)