Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh Comely Magazine

I don't like women magazines. There, I have said it. Shock horror. I don't care about the latest red-carpet dresses or the best way to smack on make up or even the hottest celebrity gossip (I have Yahoo news for that, don't you know it is the best!). I don't find women magazines to be confidence boosters but more confidence crushers. This is why Oh Comely Magazine fills the void. The bi-monthly magazine is about quirks, exploring new things and people's creativity. The magazine is full of gorgeous photographs and compact essays. I especially liked the article in issue two by Ellie Phillips, Plan b. The article talks about finding a balance between the creative life and paying the bills. Sometimes you need a job to fund the creativity or even a motivator. I wonder if I would write more if I didn't have a job or would I use the time to do chores, reading and internet stalker rather than be more prolific with my writing. Plus, if I were to be a full-time writer then I would definitely need a chaise-lounge and a typewriter.


Jessie Carty said...

When I left full time employment, I found myself making my writing a bit of a job and when I began to have some dislike for writing - I cleaned more :)

Jessica said...

I would probably clean more too - I should probably stay in my job!