Monday, 1 November 2010

The Creative Habit

I am currently reading a great book by Twyla Tharp called 'The Creative Habit.' I highly recommend this book about the creative process. Tharp might be a choreographer but the principles are still the same, when searching for ideas. My favourite quote at the moment:

"That is why you scratch for little ideas. Without the little ideas, there are no big ideas.... Remember this when you're struggling for a big idea. You're much better off scratching for a small one." 
I have this written in my notebook and keep reading over it at the moment. I am struggling with a short story idea - I have my character and a situation but they just don't want to mix at the moment. I am either writing too much character description and not enough action. But I just need to keep working at the little idea and will eventually find the bigger idea.

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