Monday, 6 September 2010

Back From Holiday

I didn't get all of my planned reading done and I only edited 17 chapters but I was most doing this:

Now I am back and ready to knuckle down with another round of editing. This round won't be structural but rather checking and making sure it flows. I also want to make sure I don't like mistakes of accidently writing my character is five instead of fifty. I am reading the novel slowly and very closely to spot any inconsistencies.

I am also writing a chapter by chapter synopsis too.  I have only typed up two chapters and it's already two pages long so I am going to have to do some editing and 'killing my darlings' on that piece too.


JoniB said...

Having never been anywhere other than the United States (& very limited with those) I don't know what that structure on the beach is. Can you tell us more? And why the fence in that same picture?


Alienist said...

A Delorean AND Stonehenge? You didn't tell me you were going timetravelling for your holiday!

Jessica said...

Hi JoniB - It is a pier. They usually have amusement arcades on them and/or small entertainment theatres and even small roller coasters. I believe they were popular in Victorian times. The one in the picutre is currently closed for repairs.

Hi Dave,
I know! The Delorean was at a car show and I really wanted a drive but I didn't have enough money!

Jessie Carty said...

i never get as much writing or reading done while on a vacation but sounds to me like you did a great job!