Saturday, 28 August 2010

On Holiday

Today, we are off on holiday and will be heading to Northern Somerset. We will be staying in the pictured cottage. Doesn't it look like something off a postcard? Just looking at the picture makes me feel calm and relaxed and thoughts of work, mortgages and home have started to evaporate.

I have taken these books on holiday and will hopefully finish one or two:
  • K PAX trilogy - I am half way through the second book.
  • Dave Eggers' 'The wild Things' - I won this on Ebay - the seller didn't mention the spine looking like a small child had chewed on the ends. 
  • A proof of David Vann's new book - I won it via Twitter. 
  • Another proof of a non fiction title called 'Don't give up the day job' - the book is about writers and their jobs, before their writing careers. 
  • Hopefully I'll finish 'The Creative Habit' too. 

Lets hope I get some time to go to Cheddar Gauge, play some crazy golf and enjoy some cider!

See you in a week's time :)

P.S. I am taking my winter coat as well.


Jessie Carty said...

i am most shocked and amazed by the idea of taking the winter coat!

although i have seen 60 degree weather at about 6 am with 90's still registering by mid day. Ah, fall, where be ye!

L'Aussie said...

I'm gnashing my teeth with jealousy. What a scrumptious little cottage, and in Somerset! Woot! Have the greatest time. Bet you don't get through all that reading. Hopefully the sun will be shining and you can't stay indoors..:)