Friday, 27 August 2010

The Final Countdown

Can't stop for long - high priority editing is happening.

So, this is the 200th post and also the blog's second anniversary! And this could possibly be the shortest blog post ever as well.

Last weekend I set myself a challenge to edit three chapters. I normally manage two. But this weekend I did four chapters and also another chapter's paper edits. This means I am now 10 pages away from finishing this draft.

It is now all hands to the deck to get those ten pages edited before tomorrow as I am off on holiday for a week and I would really like to take away a full MS to work on and also make a start on the Synopsis. So in between working, a meal at my boyfriend's mum's house, frantic packing, finding books to take on holiday and actually breathing - I am going to edit those last few pages.

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essygie said...

congrats on 2 year anniversary and good luck finishing the ms :-)