Saturday, 17 July 2010

An Excuse, A Novel Update, A Book Recommendation and Writing Analyzer

So, July, mid July. Sorry little blog but I have excuses - really ones not 'faky' ones. I have had an injection in the back of my head for my headaches, I currently have a severe ear infection and there have been a lot of birthdays too. 

My novel can't get too angry with me as I have been doing a lot of paper edits and I am nearly half way through this edit. At the end of this will be a fourth draft. Wow. I can't I have come this far. I used to dream about novel drafts and how cool it would be to have a fifth draft. I know, my dreams are SAD but well, you know, it is actually cool. 

I am currently reading a proof copy of Charles Yu's 'How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.' This book is about a time machine technician who lives in the present-indefinite. He finds himself stuck in a rut, trying to avoid work and using the time to spy on different versions of himself. If you liked Steven Hall's Raw Shark Tales than you're going to love this.  I have only read 81 pages but I already recommending this to every one. It. Is. Great. 

Coding Robots have created a program to compare a sample piece of writing with their databanks and will then tell you what famous author you write like. I threw in my first chapter and it has come back with 'David Foster Wallace.' A writer who I have always wanted to read but never gotten around too. So that's my Amazon wish listed topped up for another day! Website here . 


Jessie Carty said...

I did that who do you write like and it said my poetry was like Dan Brown. hahaha I had a good laugh off of that :)

emily josephine mcphillips said...

hope you're feeling better lady. x

Jessica said...

Hi Jessie - I read in an article that Margaret Atwood put in some of her writing and it said she wrote like Stephen King!

Hi Emily - I am started to feel alot better, thank you :)

Kieran said...

Looking forward to reading the novel! :)

Kieran said...

Looking forward to reading the novel! :)