Thursday, 3 June 2010

Words To Help Me Through The Next Draft

Last night I took the plunge and started editing chapter one. At the moment my head is full of novel and I want to use it all before it falls out of my head. So, sorry short stories but you're going to have to find someone else to tease with ideas. (I will write you down in my notebook, ready for later, I Promise (see, I even used a capital 'P'.))

Hopefully all the major structural changes to the novel have been made. So, it is now down to a spit and polish. And maybe, some minor structure changes if a chapter is completely rubbish. I have written a list of words in my notebook to inspire me though this draft. 

Detail - especially in the later chapters
Plot progression
Probing and poking further
Narrator's voice


Teresa Stenson said...

Good luck, Jessica! Excited for you.

Jessica said...

Thanks Teresa :)

Sophie Playle said...

It almost makes an arrow...

(My useful input.)

Good luck!