Saturday, 19 June 2010

My Bookmark Collection

I have always liked bookmarks. The first I can remember having was a maroon leather one with gold lettering of a grand old house. I used it for all my library books. Then it went missing. One day I had it, using it in a thick book (I felt like a grown up with such a heavy book, shame it was mostly illustrations) and then it was gone. I moved on and read my way through the Dr Seuss books at the library and then a few months later the thick book was back on the shelf. I loved this book. I opened the book and out slid my lovely bookmark. After that I wrote my name on the back and always shook books before handing them back.

Then working in the bookshop reignited my love for bookmarks. Every time a publisher sent some I would take one and add to my collection:

I got the Egyptian Mummy bookmark when I was nine! I have over fifty - I have never counted but I know I have a lot - there are some in my books too. I have also used postcards in the past (good for when you need to make notes about a book) and also the cover's sleeve. I have never folded over a corner of a book (!), yet I have written in biro in some of them.

In the past I have made bookmarks for presents too - either cross stitched ones, hand drawn ones or ones made on the computer. And people give them to me as presents too (the dolphin one was from my sister).

However, my current  bookmark is a tatty old post-it note with a 'three-for-two' sticker on it. I just don't want to ruin any of my bookmarks!


Alienist said...

I never seem to use a bookmark any more, just memorise the pages. I do sometimes come across old bookmarks like messages from a younger me, with the date, anti-theft things like my name and sometimes secondary school form I was in. I don't know why I stopped using them. Convenience, I guess!

green ink said...

I love bookmarks too! My favourite at the moment is one I picked up for free at Shakespeare & Co in Paris.

But despite my enjoyment of the bookmark I am terrible at just folding down the corner of the page. A crime, I know. I try not to do it :P

thumbprintonthewindow said...

An impressive bookmark collection. I get attached to them too. I'm sure I had a mummy one once, I think there was a pencil case to match it. Wish I knew where they had gone!

Newtowritinggirl said...

I am the total opposite to you - I hate bookmarks. I don't know why, I used to use them, but now I use anything - train tickets, receipts, photos. My mum recently offered to buy me a bookmark and I freaked. Don't understand it - I must be mad!

Jessica said...

I quite like book thongs too but I always sit there twirling the thread around my finger or chewing on the beads (I know, but its one of those bad habits!).

Jessie Carty said...

oh i love bookmarks too! but i find i don't buy them anymore because now when i read i use a notecard to take notes and just use that as my bookmark.

i have a bookmark that my sister bought me at the book fair back in 1983 that i still keep :)

Stray said...

Hello. You asked on the hive whether I'm a writer. As it happens, I *am* a writer, though I write text and non-fiction books rather than stories.


LilyS said...

I came here via your bumble bee.

Great collection, I don't use them and am forever losing my place in books because I don't like to turn the corners down. I had a really cute one that my sister made me at school. It just says 'Get outta here!' It just makes me laugh that I can't take what I'm reading seriously. Oh dear!

Rebecca Stonebridge said...

What a fantastic bookmark collection. I used to collect bookmarks too but I soon got too many and I chucked them when I lost my reading mojo at 14yrs old - I'm actually quite gutted I did that now I'm 29.

I use anything I get my hands on now. At the moment, its a slip of paper. But as far as I'm concerned anything can be used as long as no one folds the corner over - that's a big no no for me!

Btw, I came here too via your bee!

Hello! *waves*

Kieran said...

Quite a collection!