Saturday, 29 May 2010

Hello Draft Three Welcome to My Desk

I now have a third draft. Some chapters have needed complete rewrites or have been reshuffled. A lot of chapters had whole paragraphs removed and even pages were scrapped. I have added more 'character voice' and taken out the 'author voice.' More description went into this draft too. Maybe I should add some salt and pepper for good measure?

Some stats (because we all deep-down love word counts):

End of first draft - 291 pages = 82,389 words
End of second draft - 248 pages = 71,002 words

I might have a break for a few weeks from the novel and attempt some short/flash stories. Or I might jump back on the wagon and edit like I have never editted before.

Preparing for the next draft (a bit like a royal visit):

  • Back up all relevant files - I do this monthly - I have lots of files on my USB stick called 'backup month year'
  • Tidy away papers from last draft - start with a clear space. 
  • Get favourite editing pen ready to do some damage and/or repair. 


Bob Jacobs said...

Congrats on achieving your third draft. That deserves a round of applause. *claps enthusiastically*

Monthly backup doesn't sound frequent enough. Hard disks fail, and worst case you could lose 30 days of work. It's quite simple to set up a daily backup that only touches files that have changed, that way your backup is always up-to-date.

Memory sticks don't last forever, either, they're like glorified floppy disks. And they're easily lost. Once in a while backing up to a CD/DVD or another hard drive somewhere isn't a bad idea.

Of course, the chances of you losing your data is quite small, so those suggestions probably sound like overkill. I prefer to reduce the chances from small to practically zero so that I don't join the group of people who put in place such measures after they've lost their data.

Good luck with your novel!


Jessica said...

Thanks Bob for the comment!
I shall definitely look into the daily backup function on my Mac.

Jessica :)

Jessie Carty said...

woo hoo on the 3rd draft!

i try to back up all my pertinent writing files once a week but i have also taken to backing up whatever i am working on for the day to google docs as well. Almost losing a flash drive just makes me obsessed!

green ink said...

I love my word counts too! Getting a giddy thrill seeing it go up at the moment!!

Of course, I am still on 1st Draft. Can't wait to join you on the third :) x

Jessica said...

Hi Jessie,

Google Docs sounds like a good idea - does the copyright remain with the author (I know Facebook claim copyright on anything you put on there)?

Hi Green Ink

Word counts going up are always good in the first draft! :)

Jessie Carty said...

I wouldn't think google had any ownership over what you put in documents unless you published them. There is the option to publish and have a weblink so you can share otherwise it just seems like a storage place :)