Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sandbox up at The View From Here Magazine

I have a new flash fiction piece up at The View From Here Magazine.

Sandbox is a piece about raining sand. I read an article last year about China shooting pellets in the sky to create rain and it got me thinking about other sinister ways this could technology could be used against people.

The story will also appear in the May printed edition.

Thank you View From Here Magazine :)


Ray said...

Fantastic, well done WLH!

R x

Jessica said...

Thanks Ray - your article in Fat Quarter is great too! Just listening to your desert island discs at the moment :)

Jessie Carty said...

keep my little referential magazine in mind for flash fiction :) i love a good flash fiction piece!

Jessica said...

Hi Jessie

I definitely will :)


George Polley said...

Hi Jessica,

I just finished reading your "Sandbox" in the online version of TVFH.

Whooo, what a fine piece of writing! It flows like a poem, causes shivers to run up and down my spine. You give me a peek and leave me wanting more. You are one fine writer!

Speaking of raining sand, every spring Osaka, Japan gets hit with choking clouds of sand from China's deserts, which gives your story reality that many people lie with at least once a year.

Whooop!I'm still getting flashbacks of your story.

George Polley
Sapporo, Japan

Jessica said...

Hi George

Thanks for the great comment :)


green ink said...

Sounds fabulous!!