Friday, 9 April 2010

In Your Face Chapter 15

In your face Chapter 15 - I won!

Somehow, the interwebs stopped working last Saturday. The world was going to end. No more home shopping, no more virtual friends, no more blogging. The end of the world was going to end with a 'we-can't-connect-you' message. But there was a new dawn and Chapter 15 came bursting out with a new plot, new location, same narrator but in first person narrative and shorter.

So now I am tackling Chapter 16 who seems to be more polite and healthier than its sibling.

Writing Haiku everyday is coming on nicely - I try and write one or two before bedtime in my ntoebook. It feels good to be writing something new.

I keep worrying about not having ideas for novel two. Why can't there be books or courses about the second novel? What if I only have one novel inside me? Oh, second novel, why are you cursed? AND why am I worrying about this now - I have my first to edit and nurture.


Jessie Carty said...

we can't help but think of the next project can we! a novel in haiku. that's it :)

Jessica said...

now that is a good idea!