Monday, 8 March 2010

Tell Me How You Write

Teresa is running a 'Tell me how you write' series over on her blog at the moment. Jo Stanley, Nik Perring, Diane Becker and Alex Thornber have all stopped by and given a same account of their processes. Now it is my turn. Click on below link if you fancy a read.

Tell Me How You Write - Jessica Patient 

I have written about the role of notebooks in my writing and how important they are to me before even hitting the first key on the computer.

My novel notebook is currently suffering from overload - I'm adding more notes every day for plot changes, name changes, notes to add more detail, notes to take out detail.

I have also been reading alot of blog posts recently about the dreaded second novel. And it has got me thinking, what if I can't write another one? What if this is it? What if there are no more ideas left in my head once I have finished editing? I know, I know, there is no need to worry because I am still editing and redrafting this one. I just can't help it.

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Jessie Carty said...

worrying that you will never have ideas is completely natural as I am sure you know :) i'm worried about it myself even though i have a huge freaking idea sheet!