Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lunchtime Reading

Recently, (okay January), The Guardian published an article about the winter ruining lunchtime reading. The writer couldn’t sit out amongst the snow nor sit at their workplace because of the noise. I agreed to the article. If I am reading the best-book-since-sliced-bread then I can concentrate through rustling crisp packets, VIP phone calls and the temptation of the internet. However, I prefer to read on the train, in bed, in the bath and on the sofa. Places away from the computer. I still read at lunchtime but I prefer to use the time to catch with blogs and websites. I thought I would share with you (and also help me organise my bookmarks).

Bookshelves – photographs of people’s shelves

The Intern – an anonymous blog about the publishing industry

The Literary Project – interviews with authors/agents/editors

Mslexia – Reading the blog.

Naomi Alderman – author of ‘Disobedience’ – one of the rest reads from last year. 

Passive Aggressive Notes – because there are a lot of angry people in this world

Good Reads – a good place for storing my reading past, present and future.

And the blogs on my blogroll!

Do you read at lunchtime?


Ray said...

I actually write on my lunchbreaks. It makes the time whizz away sadly, but for me, reading is done on a train or in an armchair.

green ink said...

It's funny, in the summer I am far more inclined to read a book at lunchtime because I want to be outside in the sunshine!

If I'm reading a cracker of a book and it's cold, snowy, etc. I generally go to the staff garden cafe where it's still a bit noisy but like you say, if it's a great book you don't care :D

Lately, however, I've been eating lunch at my desk (as my keyboard bears testament too...oh look, there's a lentil!) and use that time to read The Age and other newspapers from home online, and favourite blogs.

If I read a book at lunchtime it is VERY hard to go back to work afterwards. Even worse is visiting the library at lunchtime!

Jessica said...

Hi Green Ink, a staff garden? I am jealous!

Hi Ray, God I would love to write at lunchtime, actually I would like to write fullstop. I want to write something new but I can't get my head out of this editing. I just want to write *shaking fist*

Ray said...

I have to write in my lunchbreaks, or else I think I'd go crazy!

green ink said...

I am in awe of you Ray! I wish I could write in my lunchbreaks!

Jessie Carty said...

when i was still working reading was my refuge at lunch because then i didn't have to sit and talk to a bunch of people. i worked in a job where i did a lot of work on the phone so having quiet time at lunch was an extremely necessarily recovery period!

and we couldn't really surf the web or eat at our desks so...that helped!