Monday, 29 March 2010

Comps and Challenges

There are a few competitions coming up - I saw the links on Twitter and I thought lets share them.

Harpers Magazine - deadline 12th April - write a short story based on the theme of the 'face.'

She Magazine are also running a competition - write a short story based on the theme of 'summer.' - The details were in the previous edition of the magazine.

One for the poets. I know you're out there, lurking in alleyways. April is Poetry writing month or NaPoWriMo (a bit like novel writing month in November). The idea is that you write a poem for each day in April. I really want to write something new but the novel is munching at my time. So, my plan is to write one or possibly two haiku everyday.


Jessie Carty said...

i love the idea of a haiku challenge :) i am doing revisions during April. Each day I am going to my retired poems folder and pulling a piece to work on.

Jessica said...

That's a good plan - I need to do that with my short stories soon - rework, rewrite or refile.