Friday, 19 February 2010

Inspiration for Chapter Two

Chapter two started life as a short flash fiction published over at Six Sentences last year. Full Stop. I remembered struggling to write the chapter and ended up creating a smaller piece. This was a turning point in the story as I hadn't yet decided on having two voices for the novel but ay that moment I realized that I wanted to tell both sides of the story. So I wrote the one of the Character A, living in the city first. All the 'odd' number chapters. This took the longest - she seemed to be a harder character than I first imagined. However, Character B's chapters were pretty quick to write. I knew where she was heading too even though the second chapter was really hard to write. Using shorter fiction to explore the chapter helped me think more about what I wanted to say.

I am currently editing chapter five. There are a lot of scribbles across the first draft. Plus I introduce three new characters in this one and seem to have forgot about one when I wrote the rest of the plot. Is introducing three characters in the space of one chapter too much?

One of the cats is currently using chapter five as a bed. At least the pages will be warm. They are heading back to their Mummy tonight. The zoo  My house will be empty.


Jessie Carty said...

Loved the short version of the story. Might have to give that site a try for some super micro fiction :)

Jessica said...

I recommend Six Sentences!