Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Year of The Edit

I am writing this post whilst standing up. I would sit on my desk chair but one of the cats has beaten me to it. We are currently looking after my sister's two cats, Bruce (a tabby) and Ginger. The other cat has my dressing gown.

The time has come - I am going to start reading through the novel, making notes, do any corrections and redraft into something worthwhile.

Here are some pictures of the manuscript:


katiemccullough said...

Your very own tome with your name on it and everything.

Very nice!

Enjoy the editing me dear but I would suggest getting the chair back for that ;)


green ink said...

How exciting!!!

Jessie Carty said...

sometimes you just have to print it out to really get into the meat of it. Enjoy!

Jessica said...

HI Katie, Green Ink and Jessie,

I know have the chair back and the first chapter in mid edit. I'm already the next edit! I enjoy editing more than I should.